PTCR Process Temperature Control Rings

From 560 °C (1040 °F) up to 1750 °C (3182 °F)With this data sheet we provide a general overview about PTCR. For further technical information, useful hintsand application advice for the use of Process Temperature Control Rings PTCR please refer to our PTCRManual “Technique & Application”.

Take control of your firing process

The accurate control of the firing/sintering process is ofhighest importance. After all, the results have a direct effect onthe quality and the costs of the final product.Optimal process control requires both, accurate measurementof the quantity of heat and the ability to control thetemperature and its uniform distribution throughout thekiln/furnace. Efficient process temperature measurement is akey to high product quality.

Value Statement

The Process Temperature Control Ring, PTCR, is a highly accurate ceramic temperature indicator which records the true heat treatment       received by the fired product. PTCR rings take account of both radiated and transferred heat, as well as the effects of temperature over time. It  conveniently allows this recorded heat exposure to be expressed as a single number - ring temperature (RT) - which is practical and easy to work with.


PTCR rings can be used in both batch and continuous tunnel kilns; they are used in a range of atmospheres. 


in heights of 3.5 and 7.0mm, 

covering a range from 560 to 1750°C.

 Ring types are identified by color coding and batch and type numbers pressed into the ring.

Benefits at a glance:

Easy, accurate kiln temperature measurement to a wide range of industriesAn unsurpassed accuracy guarantee: a minimum variation of 3°RTOptimized firing process by offsetting heat sources or thermocouples thanks to the heat treatment mapping.Monitor the firing process and to detect these deviations as they gradually ariseImprovement of product qualityReduction of inspection time and costs


PTCR rings are made from a mix of high-grade materials. Their composition is fine-tuned through advanced Design Of Experiments- (DOE), and the production process itself is controlled by Statistical Process Control.

In fact, the entire PTCR manufacturing facilities have been awarded the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 quality certification.

FERRO PTCR测温环工作原理及使用方法:

1、FERRO PTCR测温环具有公认的准确性和可靠性,测温环几乎可被放置在窑炉的任何位置,炉体内、推板或传输带上 ,在使用前,不必测量温度;

2、FERRO PTCR陶瓷测温环的工作原理是根据其在工作温度范围内的线性收缩,从而给出测温环和烧成品的实际累计热量,对照换算表得出测试温度,烧制结束后,将测温环取走并做记号;

3、FERRO PTCR陶瓷测温环在窑炉中受热时,它就收缩,并在温度随保温时间延长而继续收缩。 在其使用温度范围内,收缩率是线性的,这为FERRO陶瓷测温环和被烧制的产品所受到的加热量提供了一种实用的测量方法;收缩量(环直径的减少)可用数字 千分尺测量 ,使用的手持数字千分尺记录每一片测温环的直径,准确 到0.01mm;

4、参照包装上所附的 环外径与温度对照表、温度校正曲线图(随产品提供),所测出的测温环直径可转换成 等效温度。




   FERRO 测温环是一种高精密度的陶瓷温度指示器,它忠实记录了烧制过程中制品所经历的热过程。 
   FERRO 测温环不仅可以测出辐射热与放射热,还考虑了温度随时间推移所产生的影响。 
   FERRO 测温环能方便地把受热过程以一个简单的数字来表示--环温度(RT),便于应用在实际工作中。